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For years we have all seen advertising Viagra. They are on television, in newspapers and magazines, at sporting events, damn it, I think they are even advertisements on the inside candy wrappers get kids connected at an early age. Hmm. Viagra candy anyone? They did such a great job in linking their brand to the floor, which makes you wonder how anyone actually having sex without Viagra?

In addition to providing relief to men who can really have some problems (which may be a good thing, but perhaps not too much), obviously for Viagra boys clearly, clearly aimed much younger and healthier audience in hopes to get them to use Viagra for purely entertainment purposes. There is ZERO doubt in my mind about it.

Now, I have long wondered what exactly is to be so magical about the "little blue pill"? I mean, it makes you last longer? It does you more? Does it turn you into a raging sexual animal? And while we're at it, it does in fact Red Bull give you wings? The problem is that everyone has these questions, but no one with experience does not want to talk about it. Unfortunately, this leaves us with only one side of the story, the commercial messages Pfizer!

Well, I decided that I was going to get the answers! So I got some Viagra, and that's what happened.

Before you begin, there is something that we have to get out of the way up front. Any review of Viagra, if necessary, will include a lot of hot, intense sex couples. This is what my wife was not too happy either. Looking back, I probably should engage her more in that part ... (I do not care who you are, it was funny!)

How to get some Viagra
Listen. You do not want to go messing with online pharmacies and offshore doctors. There is a lot of fake shit there! And that your health is involved. So just go see your regular doctor and say something like, "Hey, I want a bit of Viagra". If you are healthy enough, and you have a conversation about your rationale for its use, I'm sure there will be no problems.

Do you really need Viagra?
I would say that 99.9% of men do not know that there are non-chemical alternative that seems to work well for many men with ED. FDA approved device called Viberect, which is basically a special vibrator designed specifically for men. If you read the comments on Amazon product page (yes, you can order it discreetly, without drawing a doctor or something) Many reported that Viagra, Cialas and similar pill made them sick, but this thing was a life saver.


I have no experience with it, but after reading a bit further here, you will understand why I recommend giving that a try first ...

WARNING! Danger will Robinson !
Viagra-BottleLets talk about the label on this material. First of all, the active ingredient is called Sildenafil. By most standards, labeling medicine, it seems to be a kind of tame. I mean, I do not see anything about bleeding anuses, or anything. However, potential side effects include:

Diarrhea, dizziness, flushing, headache, heartburn, mild temporary vision changes, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, stuffy nose, or upset stomach.
Buying drugs the way we see it

What is a generic pill?

Very often our web site visitors ask us about generic medications. In this section we have placed some useful information about generic pills in general and about the ones we have in our product list. Click here
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